What is Aarhus Hacks?

Aarhus Hacks was initiated to bring the tech community – creators and builders – in Aarhus together. We have facilitated +100 Hackathons and wanted to make it easier, for others intersted in hackathons to see what is happening.

Open Innovation

Innovation doesn’t often start in a cubicle. That’s why we aim to create innovative environments at the hackathons that accelerates fresh ideas.

Feel free to reach out!

Whether you want to be participant in a hackathon, hire us to organize one, we’re here to create a setting that unlocks rapid innovation and turn thoughts into things. linda@happy42.dk 



Aarhus Hacks gives you the opportunity to grow your network with other hackathon lovers.

Talent development

Through our different activities  you will get the opportunity to develop your technical skills.


All our hackathons aim to explore new technologies and exciting industries.