Machine Learning hackathon @ UPC

This hackathon will explore AI and machine learning in different contexts together with 2 great companies. It will be 24-hours of intensive hacking and building in teams! We hope to see you there!

You’ll get a chance to work with real data sets, latest technology and a lot of other talented students . 

We can’t wait to see you!

Hackers get ready! 

On March 14-15 (Saturday & Sunday) Destination Aarhus together with AarhusHacks and partners (Danske Bank and Grundfos), will host its first hackathon ever at UPC.

Who is Destination Aarhus & Partners?
The hackathon is organized by Destination Aarhus, and organization that has its base in Denmark (City of Aarhus) with the aim to showcase the career opportunities in Denmark. They have brought 2 amazing companies with them for you to get know and work with. You cand find short intro to the  cases below. 


United Nations Sustainability Goals: With the Grundfos case you will get to work with real data from the Grundfos Dormitory – house to more than 200 students living in the city of Aarhus. The dormitory is a living laboratory and test bed with over 1800 sensors. We need your help to work with this big data set, in order to try and help solve some of the United Nations sustainability goals. We are excited to see how and with what technologies you want to attack this case.

Danske Bank

Customer Screening using Photo: The on-boarding process screens new customers for anti-money laundering purposes. The majority of these cases are handled quickly; however, some of the customers may be flagged as a potential politically exposed person (a PEP) and require more in-depth investigation. As part of this investigation, the handling officer needs to verify the customer by comparing a photo with known characteristics such as age, gender, and potentially other attributes. 

The hackathon

How will it work?
It is a traditional hackathon. Challenges will be presented on Saturday morning by the companies, ideas will be generated and teams will be formed. Then it’s working in teams and develop concepts that makes a difference and demonstrate technical excellence.

Is it free to participate?
Participation at the hackathon is free, but space is limited, and interested teams and individuals are invited to sign up as soon as possible.  We will make sure to feed you with drinks, snacks and foods during the weekend.

How do I register?
Registration is simple. Interested individuals or groups can sign up through this link. If you want to join as a group, please send the name of all the team members to:

Prizes & Pitches
At the end of the hackathon, teams will present and demo their solutions in front of a carefully selected jury, and great prizes will be given! The winning team will get a SPONSORED weekend-trip to Aarhus in Denmark!


DAY 1 – Saturday, March 14

Location: Sala Agora – Campus Nord de la UPC



Registration, light breakfast & networking



Kick-off by Moderator Lasse Chor



Case presentations by Danske, Bank, Terma & Grundfos



Idea generation and team formation



Working lunch



Pizza & Beers



Night Snack



Keep working until 2am! 🙂

DAY 2 – Sunday, March 15

Location: Sala Agora – Campus Nord de la UPC







Mentor session






Finalize presentations



Presentation for the jury



Announcement of winners



Thank you for an amazing hackathon!


Lasse Chor
Lasse Chor





Nick Nielsen, IoT Requirement Specialist, Grundfos

Mik Ravn Jensen, Senior Software Developer, Danske Bank

Laura Jiménez Carro, Associate Partner Financial Services at IBM for Consulting

Briant Gerlach, Director Data Science at Banco Sabadell

the partners